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Last Days of the Tsars

Playwright: Michael Bontantibus
Director: Erin Murray

An immersive play done inside a mansion in the heart of Capitol Hill in Seattle. One story played on three stories and different rooms. A retelling of the assassinations of the Romanov family and Grigori Rasputin.

Love And Information

Playwright: Caryl Churchill
Director: David Cumpston and Brennan Bunn

It's an incredible opportunity to be able to work with student directors on a main stage. The production came with it's own challenges and through great direction each actor was able to play over ten characters each.

You On the Moors Now

Playwright: Jacklyn Backhaus
Director: Erin Murray

Four of the most famous women in classic novels come together to confront their lovers. Their worlds collide and we saw them through modern lenses. This was an extremely fun, jam-packed production to be a part of thanks to our director Erin Murray -- A wonderful femme forward theatre maker in Seattle.

The Conduct of Life

Playwright: Maria Irene Fornes
Director: Ki Gottberg
Seattle University

This was a very challenging role for me. I played Orlando, a power-hungry Lieutenant Commander. I was very proud to have been a part of this production as an actor as well as the Technical Director.

King Lear

Playwright: Shakespeare
Director: George Mount
Seattle Shakespeare Wooden O

This was my first professional production in Seattle. I was so honored to work alongside Seattle's finest actors. I was grateful for the way I was welcomed into the professional sphere!

Madwoman of Chaillot

Playwright: Jean Giraudoux
Director: Jane Nichols

This was my second time working with Jane Nichols. I was really happy to be a part of a beautiful, scary world. I played the Prospector and was part of the ensemble later. It was an incredible experience altogether.


Playwright: KJ Sanchez, Emily Ackerman
Director: Josh Aaseng
Seattle University

This was my first lead role at Seattle University during my Sophomore year. We had the honor of working with Josh Aaseng, the Associate Artistic Director at Book-It Repertory!

The Tempest

Playwright: Shakespeare
Director: Ki Gottberg
Seattle University

This was my first Shakespeare production ever! I was lucky to be Stephano, the drunkard who aspired to be a King.

Women of Troy

Playwright: Euripides 
Director: Rosa Joshi
Seattle University

This was my first try at an adaptation of a Greek Classic and my first time working with Rosa Joshi. I am proud to have been able to tackle such an intense piece of Theatre with this cast and crew.

Our Lady of 121st St.

Playwright: Stephen Adly Guirgis
Director: Jane Nichols

This was my very first production at Seattle University! The entire cast was very lucky to work with professional Clown artist and director Jane Nichols!

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